Who We Are

Brief History

The Creek valley was first settled by the Tyrel family in the mid 1800's.  Upon settling, the farmhouse was built in 1863.  Although far from liveable today, the structure still stands solid alongside two barns and multiple other structures, including the 'turkey coop' (Now a chicken coop housing Rhode Island Reds). The farm included a mill race with a water wheel, cattle, sheep, and poultry.  Family owned, the Tyrels farmed the land well into the mid 20th century. Another one of their farming activities was maple sugaring. A large rusted 4' X 20' evaporator pan still lies between some old maples alongside the farm road, symbolizing the land's sweet history. Hence the label 'Maple Valley' was given by the Tyrel family in the early 1900's. The Allisons have owned the creek valley since 1984.

The Farmhouse in late winter

As of 2018, our home base for Cobble Creek Farm has transitioned to a new plot of land on Hardscrabble Road in Olmstedville. Here you will find four fresh greenhouses, two chicken coops, an old barn, 3 fields and one happy home. 

This plot new plot of land has blessed us with fertile soil, more space to expand the farm and has given us a new perspective on the relationship that Cobble Creek Farm has with its shareholders and visitors. We’ve hosted two Open houses in the past few years and are always interested in bringing our customers closer to their food. 

Morning late spring views 
What We Offer

Cobble Creek Farm ADK is a local, organic farm. Our “organic” title means that we do not use pesticides, or any unnatural chemicals on our produce. This also means that we are at the mercy of insects, weather and hungry deer. We pride ourselves in ethical farming practices that are good for the consumer and good for the planet. 
Greenhouse growth

Based our produce, we have many chickens, 2 roosters and pigs, during the summer months. Between our crops, the animals and our food sale we stay pretty busy here all year round! This wouldn’t be the case if it weren’t for our supportive, loyal customers based in North Creek and Queensbury. 

For several years we have been distributing CSA shares lasting from the summer to the fall growing season. These vegetable shares are filled with our fresh, harvested produce ranging from spices to greens to root vegetables. We offer 2 different sizes of shares, a full share and a half share. Half shares supply households of 1-2 people with produce. Full shares supply larger families with produce ranging from 3-6 people. As of 2020 we served about 50-60 families! 

Our Share setup on Distribution Day for shareholder pickup

We also offer egg shares as well. Additionally, we sell the meat from our seasonal pigs and meat birds every fall. We advertise these sales in the beginning of our growing season during the spring. 

Our delicious egg shares!

Additionally, we sell our very own maple syrup and homemade canned salsa as well! These can be ordered via email and are truly worth your money. We may add other canned goodies to this list as the seasons change. 

Maple Syrup, yum!

Contact Us

If you have any specific inquiries about CCF or about any of our goods send us an email or give us a call! 

Our email is: paul@cobblecreek.farm

Our phone number is: (518)222-9207


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