Customers interested in either a pig or meat birds should contact Paul Allison at paul@cobblecreek.farm or message us at Cobble Creek Farm's Facebook page to receive the sign up form.

CCF Pork

Half Pig: $4.00/pound of hanging weight plus processing (Deposit - $75.00)
Full Pig: $4.00/pound of hanging weight plus processing (Deposit - $150.00)

Cost Breakdown: What does the customer pay?

- $4.00/pound of the pig's hanging weight. This goes to Cobble Creek to cover the cost of the piglet, grain feed, and raising for approximately 5 months (housing, feeding, watering, and basic care).

- Processing costs. This covers cost of the pig's slaughter, cutting, smoking, and wrapping, and disposal. While the exact cost of processing depends on the size of the pig and the amount of meat the customer chooses to have smoked, expect the processing fee for a whole pig to be between $290.00 and $340.00, while the processing cost for a half pig typically varies between $140 and $170.

If interested check out our: 

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