Current veggie listing and what's to come

The snow peas are at their peak -  we expect to have a good supply available for daily sales through early next week.  In addition, we now have traditional shell peas and green beans for the next couple weeks.   The zucchini is here, but quantities are limited until we have a greater supply - expect more during the upcoming weeks.

A full list of current veggies is below - all being sold daily.  So get up, come on down, and pick up some awesome fresh stuff.  Remember, we are Maple Valley Farm - 564 Bird Pond Rd, North Creek NY.  Look for the veggie stand on the side of the road. Self serve and pay.

- mixed lettuce (black Simpson, red, baby romaine)
- arugula
- green beans
- flat pod snow peas
- shell peas
- zucchini - intermittent until more comes in

Snow peas in full swing

List of veggies to come late summer/early fall

- cucumbers
- carrots
- onions
- radishes
- beats
- turnips
- pole beans
- corn
- fall crop of kale
- fall crop of peas

Pictures -
Maple Valley

Paul - your awesome local organic farmer.


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