August and Beyond

Farm Shareholders and Community!

Happy August! It's hard to believe the calendar has flipped once again...

Congratulations to the Beyerbach's who were the winners of the first 'Guess the Pig's Weight' contest.  We hope you enjoy your canned good prize...  'Rusty', who weighed 114 pounds July 20th, checked in at 124 pounds a week later.  For Queensbury Shareholders, be ready to play again this upcoming week at share pick up at the Manzella Distribution Center (Aug. 10th)  For North Creek area shareholders, look out for this game at Sunday's distribution (Aug. 13th) at 556 Bird Pond Rd.

As we progress into August, watch out for our first crop of summer squash, zucchini, and more onions in the share bags.  Tomatoes and green beans should also be arriving within the next couple weeks.  Despite a cool and cloudy first half of the summer, the weather has been showing more promise of late.

Just a reminder - For anyone wanting a homemade canned good or maple syrup in addition to the weekly veggie share,  just email and we will include it in your bag/delivery.  Prices for maple syrup and canned goods are listed under the 'canned goods' tab of this site.  For North Creek area shareholders, we will have a selection of canned goods and syrup for sale at each Sunday's pick up.

Last thing...  All shareholders are welcome to visit our farm and trails at any time!

Yup! And a few pictures below for your own farm tour!  Gotta include the pig pics...


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