Eggs, Maple syrup, and Canned goods!

Hello All!

Spruce up your holiday season with some of our free range eggs, maple syrup, and various canned goods! Whether you are looking for a holiday gift, salsa for your next house party, or something truly sweet to satisfy your own palate, we have it!!! To order, either email Cobble Creek Farm at or call 518-251-3306.  If emailing, please list the product and quantities you wish to purchase and we will be back to you ASAP!

Selections with prices are listed below.

Free Range Eggs: 

Maple Syrup: 
8 oz. glass bottle = $8.00 
12 oz. glass bottle = $10.00 
1 pint plastic bottle = $12.50 

1 pint (16 oz.) CCF Homemade Salsa = $7.50 
1 pint (16 oz.) CCF Homemade Applesauce = $7.50
8 oz. CCF Homemade Chili Sauce = $4.50


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