Spring 2018 Plantings and Vegetable Shares

The first plant life of the 2018 growing season has begun! Our February 9th planting of onions have emerged and are off to a healthy start.  This season we will have four varieties of onions; New York Early (yellow onion), Zoey F1 (sweet onion), Cortland F1 (yellow onion), and a Rossa Di Milano (red onion).  Both the New York Early and Zoey F1 onions were gland slam growers for us last year! The other two are new varieties at the farm.

Now that the growing season is here, vegetable share sign-ups are underway.  Both half shares and full shares are available.  To see more specifics regarding our shares visit the 'Vegetable Shares' tab of this site.  To officially sign up, please email us at pballison16@gmail.com stating what you would like.  

Some pictures of the onion seedlings in the seed cellar.   


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