Ten reasons to become a CCF Vegetable Shareholder

It's April.  Twenty-seven varieties of vegetable seedlings are growing in the seed cellar here on the Farm.  While it might seem like a long time before the first share distribution, spring is officially here, and mid-June will arrive sooner than you think.  Below are ten reasons why you should consider buying into a vegetable share this upcoming season with Cobble Creek Farm.

1 - Organic  
No synthetic fertilizers.  No insecticides.  No herbicides, or any other chemical usage.  All of our agriculture practices follow the Final Rule of Organic growing.   

2 - Local 
You know exactly where your food comes from! Chances are, the place is not far away...

3 - Fresh
Every vegetable in your weekly CSA bag will have been harvested no sooner than one day prior to distribution.

4 - Pre-washed and packaged
All vegetables in each week's distribution are pre-washed and packaged

5 - Community
In addition to providing healthy vegetables, we aim to bring the Farm and its community together.

6 - Sustainability
All growing practices place an emphasis on being environmentally sound.   

7 -  Know your farmer
You have an awesome opportunity to get to meet the people who grow your food.

8 - It's your share  
By CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) rules, you are part owner of the what the garden produces.

9 - Get creative in the Kitchen
How many ways can you use a certain vegetable?

10 - Did we say that the vegetables are healthy?

Visit the 'Vegetable Shares at CCF' tab for more information about our share program and to sign up!


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