Butternut Squash Soup

Yields 6 servings 

-2 tablespoon butter
-1 medium onion (chopped)
-1 butternut squash, 2 lb (peeled, seeded and cubed)
-2 cups chicken broth
-1/2 teaspoon dried marjoram leaves
-1/4 teaspoon black pepper
-1/8 teaspoon ground red pepper
-8 oz package of cream cheese (cubed)
-favorite spices and/or extra water/broth to taste*

1. Melt butter over medium heat in a saucepan. Add onion and stir until tender.

2. Add all other ingredients to the saucepan, EXCEPT for the cream cheese. Allow mixture to boil and then reduce heat. Cover and allow to simmer for 12 to 15 minutes, until the squash becomes soft and squishy.

3. Add 1/3 of the squash mixture to a blender or food processor and combine with 1/3 of cream cheese. Allow mixture to blend at a high speed, while continually wiping down the sides of blending implement.

4. Do step 3 two more times so as to fully combine the rest of the cream cheese and squash mixture. Once done, heat mixture over medium heat and stir with whisk, but not to the point of boiling. Add an extra spices or liquid to the soup.

5. Voila! Enjoy with whole grain bread or in your favorite mug!


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