New Year's Newsletter!


We wish everyone good health and hope that you are having a great 2019! We haven't posted on the blog in awhile, so we wanted to inform everyone on what is to come at CCF in the new year!

We have been busy planning everything for the upcoming growing season, which will begin in just two weeks with the first planting of onions (February 9th)! Recently we received our bulk seed order. If anyone would like a specific produce item for the upcoming growing season, PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP! We do have a variety of new seed types to try, but are open to suggestions!

As many people know we are still selling our delicious canned goods (2018 Maple Syrup, Homemade Salsa and Applesauce). If you're looking for some locally made gifts/canned goods, please consider these tasty treats! Additionally we have a ton of farm fresh eggs for sale, so give a shout if you want some for all your baking needs!

We have a few new changes coming this Spring. First off, weekly vegetable share distribution will be at our new farm location (407 Hardscrabble Rd.) for North Creek Area shareholders. At our new location, the farmhouse, barn, gardens, greenhouse, and animals are all within close proximity. This will allow shareholders (and visitors) to see the entire farm and its activity each week, or every visit. For us, not only will this change make distribution easier (as this is where most all of our veggies are now being grown), but more importantly, we hope it will be a step in creating more interconnectedness between our farm and its people. We hope you will feel like you're a part of it. We believe that understanding the functioning of the farm will lead to a greater level of satisfaction, given that you'll be able to see where and how your food is produced.

In terms of our animals, we have some new friends to welcome this spring.. Italian Honey Bees! Patience will be key as this will be our first year with a hive, but with some luck (and research), by the end of the season we might have tastes of honey for our shareholders! The bee hive will be located behind the far side of the farmhouse. These bees will help with pollinating the garden plants, so in turn, we should have a healthier farm ecosystem! BUZZ BuZZ!

In terms of the farm's physical infrastructure, we have a few new updates. First of all, we've been working on reconfiguring the pig stalls inside the barn. They will have a new floor inside the barn with more indoor space, and a new location for pasturing outside. Their outside "rooting/pasture" space will be increased in size, and they will even be able to go into the woods for all of their digging enjoyment. These changes will help ensure our pigs happiness by raising them in their most natural environment. We will also have a new greenhouse next year for seedlings and tomatoes!

In addition, we are starting a "seed cellar" to germinate and prep young seeds and plants. This will be located in the basement of the farmhouse, and will see peak activity before the outdoor growing season commences. Plants will be seeded here to germinate and will get their first start under grow lamp's on shelves.

We are also re-working our irrigation system. To combat the increasingly dry summers, we are installing a pump near the dug out well to more easily water the gardens. This should give us the capability to have multiple sprinklers/soaker hoses running at once, hence making watering more efficient and faster.

Keep an eye out for upcoming farm events! We will be posting these as soon as we decide on some dates. Let us know if you want us to host a specific event!

Anyways, that's all for now. Hope you are all as excited as we are for these fun things to come! Enjoy the new snow!!

All the best, 

Cobble Creek Farm ADK


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