10 Ways to be Active during the Winter!

Despite the fact that it's cold out, it's important to move a little bit every day to help with circulation, sleep, metabolism, and overall mental/physical health. Here are a few ideas for how you can get a little exercise in everyday, regardless of it's a vigorous workout or just some easy stretching!

Requires Snow: 

-Nordic/Alpine/Backcountry Skiing -  
-Winter Hiking/Snowshoeing

These options allow you to get outside and embrace the cold and snow!  The Adirondacks are full of winter skiing/hiking opportunities! Whether on the trail, at the mountain, or taking a walk in your backyard, your body will feel better after some on-snow physical activity! 

Requires either a gym/or a youtube video/or just freestyle it!:

-Strength Circuit (30 seconds of 1 exercise, 30 seconds off)
-Running/Walking (indoor/outdoor)
-Dance Class
-Exercise classes (weights, cardio, barre, tabata etc.)

Based on your level of fitness, you can make these harder or 
easier. The most important thing is that you’re having fun and feeling good! 


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