The Importance of Taking Time Off to Travel!

Happy November!

If you read our “Mid October” update, you know that we’ve been traveling a lot recently. This traveling has allowed us to broaden our horizons by seeing new things, meeting new people, and having experiences that we could never have at home. Traveling has given us a new, fresh perspective on our daily lives in terms of our own values, preferences, and sense of purpose in life.

Traveling and taking time off also allows us to maintain a sense of balance in our lives. Since farming is hard work, both mentally and physically, the fall and the winter offers time to kick back, relax and do other things. When you travel, it sometimes feels as if you’re leaving your personal reality and entering into a new world. This escapism from responsibilities and obligations, can allow you to explore and dive deeper into your personal interests and hobbies.

The experiences you have traveling can also help in your ability to relate to other people. You can meet people with similar interests to you anywhere from the top of a mountain to a popular bar. By exchanging stories and personal vulnerabilities you can create connections and lasting friendships.  It is always refreshing and comforting being able to meet people with similar interests and values while at faraway places.

At the same time, traveling can also help you have a deeper appreciation for where you live.  There are are so many amazing places to travel that are vastly different from here in the Adirondacks, both culturally and physically.  However, spending time in other states and countries forces a different perspective, and allows you to understand just how unique and beautiful the Adirondacks are.

So, we hope you are able to find time for a getaway, regardless of how far you end up going.  Enjoy it and immerse yourself into the culture.  It's a time for emotional growth.  When returning to your busy life you will feel refreshed and will also have a new understanding of your own self.

Thanks for reading!

CCF  :)


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