June 2020 Newsletter!

Hello All,

We are so happy to be amidst warm, sunny weather in the Northeast! It's great for the crops and definitely uplifting after a cold April and first half of May. We hope that everyone is healthy, in high spirits and enjoying these early summer days!

CSA Shares

Share season begins next week. For North Creek area shareholders, we will be holding two distributions days this season because of the high volume of shareholders, in addition to changes needed to be made due to Covid.

North Creek area shareholders - For those picking up on Tuesday, the first distribution begins this Tuesday (June 9th) and will run from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Please come at any point during this time period. Pick up time will remain the same each Tuesday. For those picking up vegetables each Friday, your first pick up will be Friday, June 12th and will run from 3:00 pm - 6 pm (Note, this is a change from a previous email stating pick up beginning at 2:30 pm). Swing by the farm at any point during this time period. We'll see you then.

Quensbury shareholders - Your first delivery will be this Tuesday, June 9th. Expect the shares to arrive any time between 3 - 5 pm. Again, if you have a cooler that you could leave on your doorstep for us to transfer the vegetables into, that would be swell. Otherwise we will leave one of ours with the veggies, and you will need to leave this cooler (empty) out for us to pick up the following Tuesday. Each Tuesday we will deliver.
In regards to COVID-19, we will be following specific guidelines to ensure the safety and consistent sanitation of our distributions and deliveries.   We ask that everyone follow CDC guidelines by socially distancing when picking up produce at the farm.  The farm staff will be following all state mandated guidelines when handling and processing the vegetables.  For North Creek Area shareholders, distribution will be contactless.  Be prepared to pick-up your share in a prepackaged recyclable paper bag that will be marked with your name.  These bags will be placed on a table outside of our garage once you have arrived.

If you are not able to make a share distribution please let us know asap! For North Creek area shareholders, if you cannot make pick up on a certain Friday, and you still expect to get your share, we ask that you let us know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly to save and store your share.
For each week, we will not distribute any missed shares beyond Monday. In other words, if you missed Friday's pick up, do not come after Monday because we do not have the manpower to do pick ups every day. Please keep this new policy in mind when planning your week.

The Farm


As the weather has gotten warmer, the farm work has really picked up! We have many early crops planted in our gardens and greenhouses in preparation for our upcoming share distribution season.

May and early June are the busiest months for outdoor planting.  During the month of May most of the cold hardy vegetables are planted in the outdoor gardens, such as beets, carrots, greens, turnips, peas, etc. As of now, all greenhouses are full with plants, including our new greenhouse, aka “Tomato Town,” which contains 5 different varieties of tomatoes and about 160 total tomatoes in the new greenhouse.

June marks the the start of planting the non-cold hardy plants.  This includes outdoor tomatoes, beans, herbs, summer and winter squashes, and peppers. We have been working long, hot days to prepare for the upcoming share season that is launching in a few weeks. With all of this growing comes a lot of patience, effort and time from the CCF crew!


We have 5 new piglets that are growing at astonishing rates on a weekly basis. As of now, we have 10 pigs total. They range in sizes from 50 - 100 lbs.

The Meat Birds are getting big and will be ready for customer pick up June 12th!  For vegetable shareholders who purchased meat bird(s) from the spring batch, we expect to have them on the farm and ready for pick up at our first veggie distribution.  In other bird news, we just picked up 5 turkey chicks!  This will be our first time raising turkeys.  By the second week of September, we expect the turkeys to weight 30 pounds! 

The laying hens are also thriving as they continue to pump out many eggs on a daily basis. After June 1st, all eggs will be going into the farm shares.   


We have a brand new website for CCF. This site is meant to be our home base for the farm. On this site you will find information about CCF as well as order forms for canned goods among other things! We will link our blog posts to the website, so make sure to check back regularly for these!!


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