CCF 2021 Updates

Hi All!

It’s been a while. We hope all of you are well!

With 2020 being history, we wanted to reach out to touch base about the upcoming season here at CCF. We are excited to be entering our 7th season, and are looking forward to providing more locally grown produce to our shareholder community!  

Off-Season News

Winter is a great time to reflect on the past season, reassess, and develop new plans for the season ahead. Each season always leaves us asking the same question… “What can we do to make things better next year?” There is no doubt 2020 was a crazy year for everyone. Pandemic aside, we exited last season feeling slightly run down. With a season-long drought and immense insect pressure, we felt as if we were playing defense against an unforeseen and formidable opponent all season long. However, these challenges have given us new plans for improving various systems for a better 2021. Farming is a metaphor for life.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Winter Projects

Late last summer we had a new dug well installed. Barring a catastrophic drought, we should have plenty of stored water for all greenhouses and gardens for future growing seasons. We are currently building an updated irrigation system which includes water lines to each greenhouse and garden plot, sub-lines with shut-off valves across the top of each growing plot, and drip tape to cover the length of each growing plot. This system will be more “fixed” and will not require moving around garden hoses from one garden to the next, or one part of the garden to another part. Also, the benefit of drip tape, opposed to sprinklers and soaker hoses is that they are more efficient, as they release water slowly, right at the base of the plant, thus reducing water loss from evaporation.  It is also a healthier way to water plants as water is not splashing on the plant leaves, thus reducing the chances of rot and disease.  We have also installed a 240 Volt electric line to power our water pump. This will eliminate the need to use a gasoline powered generator to power the water pump.

Drip tape water attachments with valves

We have purchased fabric row covers for certain vegetables. Our onions and cucurbits (cucumber and squash plants) will be covered with row covers next season to help reduce impact from insects in the early stages of their growth.  

Springtime projects

We are also looking into a 5th greenhouse. Call it an obsession, farming fever, or what you will… It is much easier to control the soil quality, air temperature, and overall environment in a greenhouse. This additional greenhouse space will give us more room for root vegetables and early season greens like lettuce and kale. The greenhouse has also proven to be very helpful in being able to produce vegetables in a region where the growing season is incredibly short.

Greenhouse 3

2021 CSA Vegetable Shares

2021 vegetable share sign-ups are now open for returning shareholders. If you are a potential new shareholder and wish to be added to a waitlist, please let us know! In March we will open sign-ups for those on the waitlist should we have remaining available slots. Information regarding our share program options can be found on our website at and on our blog at We are less than a month from our first indoor seed plantings.

Pork Sign-Ups

We will send out an update on pig sign-up very soon. Like seasons past, customers will be able to sign-up for either a half or whole pig. Information pertaining to pork options and prices can be found on our website at

Meat Birds and Turkeys

We plan to raise both meat bird chickens and turkeys once again! Like last year, we will raise two batches of meat bird chickens, one in the spring/early summer and another batch in the fall. For the turkeys, we will raise one batch throughout the summer to be ready by late fall. We do not require sign-up forms for meat bird chickens and turkeys. Just call/email to sign up! More information regarding meat bird options can be found on our website at


The bees have been very elusive. It’s been in the plan for two years now, but we very well could pull the trigger on them this spring!!!!

Be Safe.

All the Best.



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