Vegan Power Sandwich!

This sandwich will NOT disappoint you! Most lunchtime meals can feel heavy and make you feel exhausted and lethargic after you enjoy them. However, this sammie will make you feel GREAT! It’s packed with veggies, healthy fats and plant-based protein. Its great on winter hikes, skis or even at work in the office! You can customize this sammie so that it is full of any produce and sauces/condiments that you have lying around. 


-2 slices of your choice of bread (I used Raisin Ezekiel Bread because its a great source of protein and its easy to digest).

-1/2 small avocado, mashed

-1/2 tbsp vegan mayo

-1/3 cup black beans, mashed 

-your choice of greens (spinach, arugula, kale etc.)

-3 cherry tomatoes, halved

-salt/pepper/Siracha to season

-any other types of veggies/condiments that you have lying around! 

1. Toast both slices of bread (to preserve bread). 

2. Spread mayo on one slice of bread and mashed avocado on the other. 

3. Add veggies/rest of ingredients to bread! 

4. Wrap sandwich in tin foil to preserve and take along with you for your next outdoor adventure. Yum!  

This recipe is inspired from the Plant Over Processed by Andrea Hannemann. 


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