Those Sundays


May is here.  And so are the vegetable plants in the outdoor garden.

For most of the spring so far, Sunday has been the one full day I have been able to devote to the farm.  I love what I do during the week, including my coaching duties at Saturday track meets, but a day on the farm is tops.  Not because it is a risky profession, one that hinges on climate, weather, and lots of other factors beyond control.  Not because it can be a ton of work and  monotonous from time to time.  You see, farming is the perfect combination of science, labor and art, carefully intertwined together.

Between 400 and 500 onions were transplanted last Sunday.  Also planted between the last two Sundays were two varieties of lettuce, chard, white globe turnips, spinach, and kale.

Next Sunday (May 7th) we will be picking up the eight piglets from Fort Plain.

Leaving you with a few pictures from the week!  

Onion transplants

Row cover over the onions

Hens and the blue sky backdrop

Squash plants germinating

The new pig palace from the inside!

Over the row cover


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