Garden Prep. and Veggie Share Updates

Happy Easter!

A Look Around the Farm
As the sugaring season races to a close, the race to prepare the outdoor gardens for plantings later this week is just beginning.  Stone removal, last minute fertilizing, tilling, and row cover prep. are just a few of the tasks that need to be completed before some of the cold hardy plants can be seeded.  Later this week the onions will be the first to go into the soil, followed closely by the turnips, kale, and a couple varieties of lettuce.  There is a lot that can be planted now, however, it is still very early. The weather this time of the year can change for the worse at a blink of the eye (more snow?!?)

More seedlings are being added to the greenhouse every day.  With recent warmer temperatures, there has been no need to move the heat loving plants inside at night.  However, for all the greenhouse plants, they have been sucking up water like crazy. This job is constant.  This morning I transplanted a bunch of parsley and wild cherry tomatoes to individual pots.  I also planted some cilantro.

In other news, the piglets have been lined up and are expected to arrive the week of May 7th! Woohooo!  The little chicks are growing fasttttt!!!!!!

Vegetable Shares
Sign ups are ongoing.  Be sure to email Paul Allison ( stating your desired share option.  The first share pick-up / distribution week will be the week of June 11th!  New to this season, we will have a delivery/pick up day to Queensbury for our shareholders a little bit south of us. This will most likely take place each Wednesday in the afternoon.  I will have this firmed up very soon!

Lastly, a few pictures from the weekend...



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