June at Cobble Creek

So what is a typical day like on the farm? Ever wonder?

I'm sure the answer to this question varies depending on which farmer you ask.  But here's how a 'typical' day shakes out for this guy...

First! The morning commute down to the farm...  This varies depending on the weather, what activities need to be accomplished, or even what kind of mood I am in.  It is safe to say, I have a lot of options.  There is always the trusted Toyota 'farm truck' which is tried and true.  There is the four wheeler, which is great for efficiency and quickness, but sometimes lacks in carrying capacity and comfort.  There is even the Toyota Prius. Yeah, a Prius.  However, the top choice (and most exciting ride by far...) most definitely is the 1980 John Deere 1050 tractor.  You just can't lose on a beautiful day steering the wheel of that thing.   

Upon arrival comes the quickest (and easiest) part of the day; feeding the animals and collecting eggs.  The pigs do not require a lot of time.  Just give em' food and they are happy.  Oh... there is that part of pig upkeep that includes shoveling and composting the manure...  We are organic here.  However, it is actually pretty quick and easy.  And as far as the egg collection goes, it is basic. 

What comes next? Gardens, Gardens, Gardens. It's either planting, transplanting, watering, fertilizing,  weeding, thinning, tilling, harvesting, greenhouse monitoring, and the list goes on...  That's all the specifics you really need to know.  Check out some of the garden work and progress from the pictures below.

One more thing... Sad to say, but it looks like we have hit our maximum number for shares.  Unless you email me right away, consider sign ups closed.

Early season garden shot from the tractor

The Bagheera Winter squash under row covers

Red Ace Beets ready to be transplanted

About that commute?  It's clear sailing...

Italian flat leafed parsley

The second round of onion transplants in the lower garden

Ground pic of the Vates kale



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