Week One of Vegetable Distribution - Summer Solstice

Despite the ups and downs of the weather this spring, we managed to have several varieties of greens for our first week of CSA distribution.  And with summer officially beginning tomorrow, more consistent warm weather will only help to provide more veggie options!

As we welcome many new share holders this season, we have been busy with several farm additions.  The latest add on is our new commercial cooler.  Capable of holding far more produce then a standard fridge, it is also provides easier access to customers on pick up day.  We have officially graduated from using the house as pick up spot, and are now set up in the garage next to the outdoor washing station.

More gardens also means more planting and upkeep!  The upper garden, new this season, now has a fence in place to keep out the deer.  Home to a mix of veggies, this garden mostly contains squash.

Some pics from the week!

Main Garden 

Pick up day! Week 1 spread...

Go pro shot

Don't touch the wire!


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