New Year’s Resolutions

It's easy for anyone to make a New Year’s Resolution. Resolutions can be made on any day of the year. They are easy to make, yet so hard to follow through with. Resolutions require lots of planning, awareness to their downfall, patience, focus and an optimistic attitude. Often we find that changing habits takes a lot more time and energy than we expected. This is where people lose motivation to change and fall back into these habits.  Regardless of the difficulties behind succeeding in following New Year’s Resolutions, they are still rewarding and satisfying if followed. So why not try out a New Year’s Resolution?

Some examples of Resolutions include: 

1.     Exercise 5 times a week, every week. 

-benefits: boosts mental health, helps sleep, increased energy levels, good for skin, helps with circulation etc.

        -schedule workouts a week before 
        -find a workout buddy
        -sign up for a gym/studio membership 
        -try something new (rock climbing, spin classes, pilates etc.)

2.     Use screens less 

        -benefits: more time to do other things, improves sleep, reduces eye strain, reduces anxiety and depression

-specifically 30 minutes before bed (results in better sleep)
        -track phone use on the Moment App
        -find activities and people who make you forget about your phone! 

3.      Eat less processed sugar. 

-benefits: increased energy levels, better athletic performance, fewer cravings, decreased risk of health issues (cholesterol, depression, heart attack etc.), better for the planet etc.

         -eat fruit instead of cookies, candy and granola bars
         -drink more water to reduce cravings 
         -take foods with processed sugar off your next grocery list
         -sweeten homemade baked goods with maple syrup, honey and/or dates

4.     Become a “morning person” 

        -benefits: more time in the day and more proactive

-go to sleep earlier and shift your schedule up earlier 
        -set a relaxing morning alarm
        -exercise in the AM
        -make yourself a healthy breakfast 

5.      Develop a new hobby 
         -benefits: discover a new personal talent, make new friends, learn a new life skill 

         -try a new instrument, art technique, recipe, sport, START a garden 
         -research online, books etc.
         -schedule new hobby into week

6.       Try to become more environmentally friendly 

         -benefits: these should be pretty obvious.

-as simple as reading the news, reusing things, repurposing stuff, buy local, sign up for a CSA share (hmmm Cobble Creek Farm?) 

7.      Make a behavioral change 
         -benefits: can impact the people around you, eliminate personal problems

       -worry less, be kinder, take time to check-in on the people who matter most, be more reflective and not critical of yourself

8. Take better care of your mental health 

         -benefits: feel better, boosts mental health, decreases anxiety and stress

  -yoga, stay clean, make your favorite meal, journal, spend time alone 

9.        Save money 

          -benefits: more money to spend on traveling/something more meaningful, less anxiety around spending money, financial security?

-shop at Thrift Stores, limit the amount you dine out, wait for sales, keep track of your purchases in a notebook

10. Recover faster after workouts 

        -benefits: perform better in workouts, increased energy levels, reduces risk for injury/overtraining    

-stretch, foam roll, eat more protein, combine water and electrolytes, listen to your body, take a rest day, swim, “drain” legs, get a sports massage, hut tubing/take a hot bath, etc. 


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