How to make March go by FASTER!!

If you ask someone who lives in the Northeast what their least favorite month is, they will more often than not say March. March can be snowy, muddy, windy, rainy and anything in between. March is the transition stage between Winter and Spring in the Northeast and often has variable conditions that are unpredictable. Just when you see Daffodils popping out of the ground, another snow storm hits covering the brown landscape.

While we could go on and on about how dreadful the weather is in March, let's focus on something more hopeful... Like what you can do to make the month of March go by faster!!! 

Here are a few of our idea's....

-Get out! 

Get out of the house by planning activities with friends and family. Go Spring skiing in Lake Placid, at Gore Mt. in North Creek, or at Garnet Hill Lodge in North River! Make a day trip to Burlington or NYC! Explore a new cafe in your town (or an old cafe)! All of these things and more will help you pass the time and embrace the opportunity that March presents.  Also, let's not forget, March is maple sugaring season!  Get out and visit a sugaring operation to see maple syrup being made!  It is a sweet experience and another way to connect with the natural environment! 


March is a great time to travel and get away. This may mean taking a day trip or even leaving the country. Visiting warmer climates can help Vitamin D deficiency as well as seasonal depression! 

-Get involved in the community!

With any extra time during the month of March, it helps to get out and help out. This may be anything from picking up trash in your local park, joining a community garden, or joining a volunteer network in your area. 

-Plan for Spring!

Take time to plan ahead for the spring and summer! If you are a gardening enthusiast, now is the time to purchase seeds and to plan out your garden plot!  If you are a veggie grower, now is the time to start seeds that require a long growing season (ex - tomatoes, herbs, etc...).  Maybe you have other spring/summer projects that you need to plan out before the snow melts.  Having a game plan for the things you want to accomplish always makes it easier!

Anyways, Happy March!  Get out and enjoy it, because before you know it, a new season will be here!




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