Why investing in chicken is a POWER MOVE

Those who have visited CCF know that our chickens very are friendly and love attention! Purchasing chickens is a worthwhile investment as chickens have many benefits..
Aside from producing eggs.....

--> chickens produce great fertilizer and control ticks and insects

-->can break up the cycle of pests and diseases of fruit trees

--> till and turn over soil and compost through "scratching"

-->They're cute and cuddly!

-->Their meat; they are a good source of lean protein!!

This past week we picked up our annual batch of new chicks! Less than a week old, these chicks are our future egg layers (will begin laying early summer), and will join forces with last year's laying hens, giving us more eggs!

And guess what?! We are selling all of our eggs now. We are expecting the demand to increase as we transition into the spring and summer and as share season begins.

Day old chicks at CCF 
Winter egg harvest 


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