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If you’re here you’re either an avid CCF blog reader, or you’re interested in learning more about the Cobble Creek Farm CSA shares! Either way, welcome!! 

For some, the notions of local Farmer’s Markets and Organic farming are quite familiar. For others, these are foreign concepts. Organic farming often fosters the establishment and success of local Farmer’s Markets. 

Farmer’s Markets are designed to be places where customers and visitors have access to fresh, locally grown food. Farmer’s Markets are meant to be about more than the exchange of currency and food, and additionally focused on creating a sense of community.

However, some Farmer’s Markets now have the frills of expensive goods and services that may be totally unrelated to the selling of produce by farmers. These flashy Markets can create barriers to those who cannot afford the costly gourmet foods and glamorized goods. These Markets can struggle in creating a more inclusive sense of community and can result in gentrification in this area. 

While we aren’t saying that shopping at the Farmer’s Market is a bad thing, it is important to understand the possible socioeconomic exclusion they can create. 

For better or for worse, Cobble Creek Farm does not sell its produce at a Farmer’s Market. Instead, we sell CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Vegetable Shares directly from our farm.  These shares typically last for 18 weeks beginning in mid - June and ending in late October. We distribute these shares on two different days each week, every Friday at our farm (407 Hardscrabble Road) for North Creek area shareholders, and every Tuesday we distribute to Queensbury.

You can either invest in a half share, which is great for couples or for individuals. Or you can invest a full share that offers a family-sized assortment of vegetables. In both types of our shares, for each weekly distribution we have about 7 different types of seasonal produce, which changes throughout the growing season. In the early summer we often have varying types of lettuce, kale, turnips, peas, beans, chives, carrots, summer squash, beets, herbs, etc... By the end of September (and into October) we have more of the same leafy vegetables in addition to a large harvest of winter squashes, pumpkins, tomatoes, onions, and more.

We also sell BONUS goods that you can purchase in addition to your share pick ups every week. We offer homemade canned goods including applesauce, salsa, and chili sauce . Additionally, we have fresh maple syrup (made right here at the Farm)! Also, we sell farm fresh eggs for $3.00/dozen.

One of our goals is to provide organic shares that are affordable.  This allows for customers, regardless of their socioeconomic background to have a chance to buy into sustainable, locally grown food.  Thirdly, we also place a heavy emphasis on being environmentally conscious. We discuss ways of doing this on our blog, in our media posts, and are always putting it to use in our everyday practices here on the farm. We want to educate our shareholders (and other followers) on how to make decisions and set intentions that are eco-friendly, no matter how small these actions may seem. 

Lastly, our most important farm philosophy is encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. We have many recipes on the blog that don’t follow diet fads, but instead encourage the consumption of whole foods. We also have several posts regarding exercise and getting outside. All in all we support treating your body and mind well through balance and patience. 

Thanks for reading,

Love - CCF


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