CCF Stand!

 As we’ve mentioned on our social media accounts, we have a TON of produce left on the farm. This week and next week we will be offering a self-service farm stand where we will allow shareholders and non-shareholders the opportunity to purchase baggies of our produce. We will be selling an assortment of veggies, including greens, tomatoes, fresh herbs and carrots. 

Here’s the farm stand’s schedule:

-Tuesday (10/12): 10 am-4 pm

-Thursday (10/14): 10 am-1:30 pm

-Sunday (10/17), Monday (10/18) and Tuesday (10/19): 10 am-4 pm

Where: the end of CCF ADK’s driveway (407 Hard Scrabble Road, Olmstedville, NY 12857)

Pricing: $3 per bag of veggies

*other specific pricing is written on a guide on our table*

Veggies will be in individual baggies and they will be in coolers on a white table. You must pay with cash as this is self service and we won’t be manning the farm stand during its open hours. 


If you have any questions shoot us an email or message over Instagram! Looking forward to seeing you all very soon. 



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