Things to do in Quaratine

Hi everyone!

We hope everyone is healthy and safe at home. As we made a CO-Vid statement a little while ago in our "Mid March Newsletter,” we are still waiting to make any adjustments to our upcoming CSA share distributions. Beyond that, we encourage everyone to refrain from doing any traveling so as to decrease the potential spread of this virus.

We know that it is difficult and boring to be at home and inside for such long periods of time now. This post “Things to do in Quarantine” is meant to be motivational and inspire you to try new hobbies, spend more time being active, be more mindful and find happiness in this time of uncertainty. Hopefully this blog post will help you see the opportunity for growth, reflection and fitness in the times we are living in. Let’s get into it....

1. “Keeping house!”

This means lots of ‘spring cleaning.’ It's time to go through the clothes that you don’t wear anymore and either donate them or store them until you can bring them to your local thrift store to be sold. This can also be a time for you to be proactive and start airing out your house, putting in screens to the windows, cleaning your porch etc. in preparation for warmer weather. Cleaning your home with various cleaning products, like lysol wipes, will also kill germs that may be lingering on surfaces.

2. Reading

Enjoy your downtime by reading more and enjoying your quiet time with a novel! You can also start or continue a monthly book group with your friends over any video calling software, like Zoom or FaceTime.

3. Cooking

This is the perfect time to get creative with the ingredients that you have laying around your kitchen. You can try new recipes or your “old reliables.” Baking is a good way to relieve stress and anxiety. We will be posting new recipes on the blog more frequently in these upcoming weeks, so keep an eye out!
curried cauliflower rice with apples, dried edamame, dried currant and greens

4. New hobbies

For many, we now feel that there is a lack of structure in our days as we are now doing everything from home. It is so important to take breaks throughout our days. These breaks, if used productively, give us the chance to dive into new hobbies and activities to break up the time that we are either working or going to online class. So dust off your guitar, buy a watercolor set or download a foreign language app to occupy yourself during these upcoming weeks!

5. Get outside

Disclaimer: We understand that for some people this is not a possibility right now given health circumstances or where you are living. For everyone else, you really don’t have an excuse! Getting out of the house on a sunny day to go for a walk, run, hike or ski will allow you to clear your head, refocus and get some Vitamin D. This can also be a social time when you and a friend, neighbor or family member can catch up either in person or over FaceTime!
Taken from the summit of Sleeping Beauty Mountain

6. Take time for yourself

This is probably the first time in a long time that you’ve had free time that hasn’t been scheduled with a workout class, seeing friends or going shopping. Now is a chance for you to check-in with yourself and assess your mental and physical state. You can take this time to practice yoga, meditate, take a bath, journal or even just sit and do nothing. The world hasn’t ever really had this time to regroup and reset, so why not take advantage of it!
Cheese board with wine!

7. Be active

Taking an online fitness class, going for a snowshoe or even just taking time to stretch can all help to structure your day and give you a break! Now is also a great time to write down and plan out your fitness goals or training goals for the summer and fall. This is also a great time to start preparing and prepping so that you can meet those goals down the road.

8. Movies! Shows!

Having a movie night with your family or just bingeing a show on Netflix can be great ways to pass the time. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are great places to start looking for films and shows that you may enjoy.

9. Start or Finish a Project

This “project” can be anything from training for a half-marathon to painting a room in your house. Now is the time to confront all of the projects you’ve been putting off or the projects that you haven’t had the time to pursue. You can make a to-do list for what needs to get done and make a timeline for yourself.

10. Get creative

These are just a few of the idea’s that we have for how you can spend your time during this indefinite period of time. However, there is a lot that we haven’t touched on! Check out other blogs and articles that outline things that can keep you busy and on track. We are excited to hear about what everyone has been up to! Until then, be well and stay safe everyone. :)
'Carrot Cake' Smoothie bowl


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