What is a ‘routine’?

With so much constant uncertainty about the future, it is common to have feelings of stress, confusion, anxiety, depression and frustration. As we mentioned in our last post, one of the best ways to deal with these feelings is to intersperse your day with different activities. These activities can not only help to refocus you, but they can also make you more productive throughout the day by giving you a sense of purpose and structure.

Here at CCF we rely on routine to get us through the work day.  Most of our routines are work related (collecting eggs, feeding, watering animals, tending to plants, etc.).  Often mundane, it's these routine tasks that provide us structure which helps to keep the farm running.  At the same time, it is crucial for us to include routines that benefit our personal health.  By adding breaks and moments that slice up our work days, we are able to stay mentally and physically fresh.  These kind of activities between tasks might include a walk in the woods, a rest inside, or a meditation time at any various locations in one of our fields. By sticking to a common routine every day, whether it be at work or at home, you are able to feel more in control of your day and more at ease.

Given the fact that many of us now have more free time at home, this is the perfect time to either establish a daily routine, or tweak a routine that is not working for us. This could mean adding in a walk during the day at a set time. This could mean scheduling in a 30 minute break to meditate and do nothing. This could mean calling one friend or family member before going to sleep at night. The options are endless, so there is no excuse as to why we can’t take advantage of this unique time in our lives!


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