Farm Fresh Updates!

Hi everybody! With a new growing season come new opportunities and changes. This season we’ve extended our field space to two new tracts of land.

This spring, we built a second greenhouse where we are now growing tomatoes, peppers and different types of lettuce. This greenhouse allows us to grow seedlings beginning in the early spring and into the later fall season.

Our other new tract of land is on Hardscrabble Road in Olmstedville, just a 10 minute drive from CCF’s home base. As of now, we have 3 new fields here. A wide variety of vegetables including squash, pumpkins, and green beans thrive in this space.

Not far from these fields, you can hear a chorus of squeals and grunts. These are the 10 spotted pigs who also live on this land. Whether they have their snouts in the mud or are busy scarfing down food, these piggies have lots of personality and are fun to watch!

The farm is getting its own website. Designed by Brian Halligan, this site will allow customers to order their own CSA shares with the click of a button! This site will also give people access to other goods, like maple syrup, salsa, applesauce, and CCF merchandise. Woohoo! We will announce our new website on Instagram, Facebook and on this blog very soon! Keep an eye out!!

One of our goals as a local business, is to bring customers closer to us. This year we are looking for YOUR feedback. Attached to our shareholder email chain will be a survey on our past and present share distributions and overall customer satisfaction. We will also be attaching a survey to our blog regarding our past posts and what readers want to hear about in our future blog posts!

We hope to host events this season where the public can see where our food comes from! This may be in the form of a farm tour, a wine and veggies night, a pick-your-own-veggies day and even a Farm Fit Workshop. We want our customer base to grow and get excited about having access to local, healthy food!

We know that all of this is a lot to think about, but we just wanted to give a big update on the exciting things that are happening this season! We hope you are all enjoying the start of summer. Thanks for reading!


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