What's up? What's next?

What's up? What's next? 

With any major project or pursuit in life, it is hard not to ask the questions "What's up?" or "What's next?" At Cobble Creek Farm, we are constantly brainstorming new ideas on how to improve. We think about anything from how to help the gardens grow more efficiently to how we can get the public more involved in our business. 

As a small, local, organic farm, located in North Creek, it can be difficult to get visitors on our farm. While this has been a challenge for us, we also see it as an opportunity. We are starting to plan a few events for this upcoming year, where we will be welcoming our shareholders, blog readers, social media followers and basically ANYONE who wants to explore our farm and see how we operate.  We will be releasing information about our "CCF Open House" very soon, as it will be hosted in August!! 

As we stated in our "Farm Fresh Updates" post, we almost doubled our planting space this season. While this means more work for us, it also means MORE PRODUCE!  Already, we signed up to participate at the North Creek Farmer's Market at Riverside Park in downtown North Creek.  We will be there beginning July 19th. In addition, we have also been looking at other local Farmer's Markets where we can sell our extra produce that isn't distributed to shareholders. Whether this happens this season or next season, we are looking forward to extending our customer base and having a larger role in the community.

This is also our first season in which we've sold eggs to a restaurant!!! We posted on social media a while back about Bar Vino's appetizer, titled "Cobble Creek Deviled Eggs." So if you're ever craving some DELICIOUS deviled eggs and other great food, hop on over to Bar Vino, located on Main Street in downtown North Creek! 

NEW events, NEW land, NEW opportunities..So what else is happening?! With all of this in mind, we've also been looking into getting more animals on the farm! In addition to raising hens and pigs, we are also considering animals such as honey bees, alpaca, and sheep.  If you've had any experience raising these animals in the past, let us know! You can contact us at paul@cobblecreek.farm

In addition to all of this, we will be publishing both our "Share Feedback Survey" and our "Blog Feedback Survey" very soon on the blog. We encourage all blog readers to fill out the "Blog Feedback Survey," so we know what we can improve on and what you want to/don't want to read about in future posts! The "Share Feedback Survey" will be sent out to shareholders, as we really want our shareholders to fill out this survey. Your feedback and input will allow us to grow as a farm and as a business! 

While all of this may seem like a bunch of incohesive thoughts/updates, we want to keep all of you in the loop on our future thoughts. If you have any suggestions for us, either fill out our survey, or feel free to contact us! Have a great week!


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