How to grow your own Basil plants!

DIY Basil Garden! 

Basil is great for:
-pizza topping
The list goes on and on... 

How to transplant Basil into your DIY garden! 

What you will need:
-a trowel (or your hands)
-1 or more Basil plants
-Cardboard (this can be from an old shoe box or pizza box)
-Composted Manure (found at ACE Hardware)
-Organic Fish Emulsion Fertilizer (optional, because it SMELLS) 

1. Gather supplies and cut off any parts of the cardboard that have any glue residue on them. 
2. Cut the cardboard into a square(s) and cut a hole in the center of the piece(s). 
3. Soak the cardboard in water. 
4. Weed/Clear and section of space in your garden to plant your basil. Dig a 1 foot deep hole in the soil for your plant(s). 
5. Push the base of your Basil through the hole of the cardboard and stick the plant into the hole. Fill in the hole and around the base of the plant with a mixture of manure and soil. 
6. Water the plant(s) lightly. At this point, you can mix in any fertilizers, based on their packaging directions.
7. Continue to water the basil plant(s) ONLY when the soil around them is dry and dusty. Woohoo!! You did it!!! 

Why Cardboard?
While we haven't used cardboard that much on the farm for our transplanting, cardboard has been proven to act as a natural herbicide that fights off any annoying weeds in gardens. Also, when cardboard begins to decompose it breaks down into sugars which lures in earthworms to the plants. These worms improve the soil by breaking down organic matter and increasing amounts of water and air in the soil. 


Why Fish Emulsion Fertilizer?
Well again, it smells really bad and you will never ever get rid of the smell throughout the rest of your day.. BUT Fish Emulsion is an organic fertilizer and renews some nutrients to the soil a few days after its application. It renews nitrogen and phosphorus among other nutrients into the soil.

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Cardboard frame!
Basil plant about to be transplanted into the garden!
About to add the Basil plant...
Voila! The end result! 



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