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Hello Everyone!

We hope that you are all healthy and staying busy during these crazy times we are living in.  It's been a difficult couple months.  As the calendar has flipped, the farming season has shifted into overdrive here at CCF.  We wanted to take a bit of time to keep you posted on all of the farm happenings!

2020 Music Garlic quickly growing

Plant Life

We have slowly transitioned out of the seed cellar and into the greenhouses and gardens.  May is when our gardens really come to life and is our biggest planting month.  So far, we have planted over 2000 onion seedlings in the outdoor gardens.  Onions are always the first vegetable to go into the garden as they are incredibly hardy.   We will continue to plant cold tolerant veggies over the next two weeks including kale, arugula, beets, chard, lettuce starters, radishes, and turnips.

As of now we have lots of vegetable starters in the greenhouse (lettuce varieties, peppers, tomatoes, basil, and parsley). Over the next month these starter crops will be transplanted to the outdoor gardens for planting.  Each year we have started more veggies by pre-planting the seeds in plastic cells (starter trays).  This allows the plants to get a jump start on the growing season before they're transitioned to the outdoor gardens.  Germination is more reliable when seeds are planted in starter cells using a potting mix for a soil medium.  The planted seeds are kept in a controlled and warm environment (indoors on heat mats) until germinated.  After germination, the starter flats are transitioned to the greenhouse where the seedlings further develop.

We have also increased our outdoor garden spaces for veggies this year.  This extra field space will allow us to grow higher volumes of veggies throughout the summer.  This will also allow for a better year to year crop rotation.
Lettuce seed starters getting a jump start in the greenhouse

Greenhouse 4

This past Saturday we put the plastic on our new greenhouse! This greenhouse will be home to all of our tomatoes (cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, various heirloom tomatoes, and slicer tomatoes) here at CCF this season! We grow tomatoes here using a trellis system in the greenhouse.   By August these plants will be between 8- 10 feet high.  Tomato planting will start next week!!!!!! We are very excited for this as tomatoes are one of our favorite veggies to grow.   

CSA Vegetable Share Update

We are very grateful for the many sign-ups this year!  While we would love to provide for more, we are now at the maximum number of shareholders we can currently handle.  We are looking forward to growing and safely providing our shareholders throughout the summer months. We are hoping to start our distributions on June 12, however, this depends on the weather over the next month.
Carrots from last year's distribution
Animal life

As we mentioned before, we have welcomed 8 piglets to the farm this past week. Five of our piglets are a Berkshire-Duroc cross breed and three are a Yorkshire-Tamworth cross. We will be welcoming two more Yorkshire piglets on May 14th.  Pigs are fun to raise as they all have their own personalities and are very friendly. They love to nibble on our shoes. Fortunately, we have ample outdoor space for them to forage and root for minerals. These piggies also make great organic fertilizer which we use in the gardens, greenhouse, and also as a component in our homemade potting mix!

We have twenty-four meat birds. These birdies will be ready for pick up June 12th. We will be raising another batch of meat birds in August.  Let us know if you are interested!

We will also be acquiring and raising turkeys within the next month.  These large white-breasted turkeys will grow to be 30 - 35 pounds at processing time.  In addition to the turkeys, we are also looking to get bees as soon as the weather is more consistently warm.   This should be within the next couple weeks. We are complete amateurs when it comes to bee keeping, but what the heck, might as well give it a shot! Updates to come with both of these new animals!

Duroc-Berkshire cross piglets in their new home

New Website

We are excited to announce that we have our very own website! Feel free to check it out at  We will be using the new website to disseminate information and help market our farm offerings.  That being said, we still have our blog at  This blog still contains all information about the farm including our regular blog posts.  Our blog will be linked to the website to make it easy to access!

We are still posting recipes, gardening tips and other blog posts that are related to CCF! Here are some of our most recent recipes:

Well everyone, that is all for now! Stay safe and pray for more warm Spring weather!!

All the best,

CCF :)
Cornish Cross Meat Birds


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