Safe Summer Activities

It's been difficult to imagine what summer will look like given the uncertainties around COVID for the upcoming months. That being said, it is important to get out and about in ways that are safe and beneficial to you and your family! With the new warmer, sunny weather comes new activities and fresh perspectives on the positives of this quarantine experience.

This post is meant to inspiring and uplifting. We hope the ideas that are listed below will help you get out of the house and add some fun to your routine!

So what can you do while in quarantine....


is so fun! The High Peaks are open now and other trails are open up as well. Hiking boosts your endurance, strengthens and tones your whole body and allows you to get away from busy roads, loud family members and your phone!

Try hiking with friends or by yourself and bring a fun snack for the summit.


With your family or by yourself! Bike paths are open and so are neighborhoods and roads. This is a free exercise that is low impact and gets you out of the house for a bit!


For something different or for something that you don’t think you can complete. While most summer races and competitions are being cancelled this summer, it just means that you have more time to train for the triathlon that you’ve always dreamed of doing, but you haven’t run in 7 years.

You also have the option to give yourself time trials or benchmark tests throughout the summer that allow you to recognize your progress and training gains. Set new strength, flexibility and personal best goals for yourself once you conquer your first set of achievements.


By a lake, pool, in your backyard or on your couch!

Don’t feel bad about having a lazy day that isn’t productive or filled to the brim with activities. While no one likes to talk about their 'bad' days and they would never post about them on social media. Embrace the bad or difficult days and allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling. Journal about your emotions, take a nap if you want to take a nap and eat ice cream if you know it will bring you a bit of joy!


And repurpose things that you no longer use, like old clothing, furniture and wood scraps. You can find many different ways to repurpose these things on the internet, but make sure to check out Pinterest and any interior home or design magazines for assistance!

Now is also a great time to use the craft supplies that are lying in the back of your closet. Painting and drawing can be therapeutic and comforting during this time! Try 'em out.


And reflect on this experience. Meditation is really hard and it can be very challenging to shut your mind off during the day so try meditating before bed or when you first wake up. This practice will center your mind and make you feel at ease for the rest of the night or for the rest of the day.

Try guided meditation with the “Headspace” app or with a youtube video. If you prefer to add some movement to your mediation, try some yoga!

We’ve been loving the “Yoga with Adrienne 30 Day Challenge,” which is free on youtube. This ‘challenge’ begins with the basics on Day 1 and day by day helps you fix your flexibility, mindset, breathe and yoga-concentrated strength. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Meditation could even be in the form of gardening, baking, journaling or just laying down and resting.


And eat outside in a park, in your backyard or by the lake. The upstate region has so many beautiful spots for picnics and safe social gatherings. Explore and indulge in new, healthy eats this summer!


Is a great past time experience and a way to escape the craziness of what is going on now to connect with the natural environment. Fishing is inexpensive, as long as you have the right equipment and a license! 

Try out these various activities to switch up your daily routine! Remember that these are meant to be fun and enjoyable so have fun with them.


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