Easy, Affordable Meal Idea’s: Quarantine Edition

Besides Corona Virus, the one thing that has been on everyone’s mind is FOOD. Do we need to go to the store? Who should go to the store? We need to stock up on this! Can we plan for later in the week? How much do we need?

Our lives suddenly seem so much more dependent on the grocery store and getting in our meals. The one common trend in grocery stores is that their Meat Departments have been ravaged, while the produce section is filled to the brim!

While there isn’t an immediate solution to this issue, now is a great time to try to eat less meat and more veggies! Canned vegetables and frozen veggies are often cheaper than fresh produce. Either way, its important that you continue to eat a balanced diet that contains multiple servings of produce per day.

The easiest way to do this is to meal prep for the entire week by making a large batch of a few recipes and packaging them into separate tupperware containers to be consumed each day. That being said, we recognize that not everyone has the time and patience for this.

We hope that this post gives you a few ideas on how to continue to eat healthy, while using up leftovers! This post will hopefully help you save money and try new dishes at the same time.

Thinking about how you will feel after eating takeout instead of cooking your own healthy meal...


This is a seemingly basic meal idea, but it ensures that you get your greens in and is totally customizable! All you need are leftovers of your choice, a bowl, dressing and some greens.

The link below details many different types of salads that you can make out of leftover meals:


Mexican Burrito Bowls

These are definitely a personal favorite! If you have leftovers from taco night you can simply add them to a bowl with rice and salsa. These bowls are delicious and oh so filling!

Here’s a recipe for an “Easy Burrito Bowl:”



Eggs are a very inexpensive source of protein and take very little time to cook! You can add in your favorite shredded cheese, veggies, mushrooms and meat.

This link sends you to a site that illustrates “How to Make the Perfect 5-Minute Omelet:"


Stir Fry

Stir Frys are great for leftover veggies, meat and rice! All you need to add are spices, soy sauce, cashews and anything else you desire. These are so quick and tasty. This link will send you to the perfect, easy stir fry recipe:



Most of us have pasta laying around the house waiting to be used. The good thing about pasta is that it never goes bad and is a very versatile food! Here’s a few idea’s for what you can do with leftover pasta:


We hope that these meal ideas act as inspiration for you when crafting your menu for the upcoming week! Try new things and perfect old recipes. Stay well!


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