10 Ways that CCF is Sneaky Sustainable

10 Ways that CCF is Sneaky Sustainable!

1. We provide food scraps/discarded vegetables to pigs and chickens to eat.

2. We reuse planting cells, trays, etc. instead of disposing them in the garbage. 

3. We compost weeds, food scraps, etc. instead of disposing them in the garbage.

4. We are working on a seed regeneration experiment for next season! 

5. We are reliant on nearby streams and rivers as a water source.

6. We reuse twine for tying up tomato plants, hanging garlic etc. instead of consistently buying more twine. 

7. The farm hands who work at CCF carpool to work on a daily basis.

8. We reuse plastic bags, egg cartons, jars, coolers, ice packs and other packaging materials. 

9. We make ice packs out of old plastic Powerade and Gatorade bottles. 

10. We reuse egg shells to boost calcium deposits for tomato plants among other crops that rely on calcium to grow.

Also, we are LOCAL!


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