My Favorite Farm Animal

My Favorite Farm Animal 

While the pigs at CCF may look cute on our Facebook and Instagram, they are actually quite loud and obnoxious. Their grunts can be heard from miles away at all hours of the day. They have become increasingly aggressive and strong throughout the summer. As a result, it has become more difficult to interact with them during feeding or viewing times. Because of the pig’s demeanor and stench, I prefer spending my time with the chickens at CCF.
Since the beginning of this April, Cobble Creek Farm has been home to over 50 chickens! Within this chicken population, we have a group of about 15 older hens, the eldest are 3 years old. These hens have been molting throughout this past year and as they get older, they stop laying eggs. 

The other 25 chickens were brought to CCF in early spring. These pullets are still young, but have recently been laying about three dozen eggs a day. These pullets are friendly to all visitors and will welcome anyone with chirps and curious faces! 
My favorite chicken is Speckles. Speckles is a White Leghorn Hen who has brown spots on her back feathers. She’s always ready to greet any visitors who visit the Coop. She follows me around until she’s picked up and cuddled! Seeing Speckles sprinting about the pasture always makes my day better. 

If have any interest in meeting Speckles and the rest of our flock, feel free to stop by the farm! We are planning on hosting a harvest gathering in the fall, details will be forthcoming. 

Happy September all! 


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