Recovery Beverages that your body NEEDS!

Recovery Beverages that your body NEEDS! 

It’s easy for people to concentrate on eating after a workout because there are often many obvious signs of hunger, such as stomach growling, fatigue, and muscle soreness. If you are unsure of what to eat after a workout check out our “Best Recovery Foods!” blog post. The challenge is hydrating with the proper beverages that replenish nutrients that are depleted during exercise. Beneficial recovery drinks target either protein and fat stores, electrolytes, gut micro biome health, salt concetrations, necessary vitamins and minerals and the list goes on and on. The human body relies on these nutrients listed above to maintain homeostasis and continue to function at its best.

So, now you may be wondering what should I drink after a hard workout? We are here to help!! Obviously the first, and most important beverage to consume is water. While water is not only free and extremely effective at achieving hydration, it doesn’t contain any vitamins, minerals and protein that the body needs after a workout. Especially after a hard workout or a sweaty workout its important to restore a balance to nutrients that are sweat out or consumed by the body. Let’s look at this process a little closer… 

-these are put off balance during muscle exertion and through sweating
-replenishing these allows the body to feel less sore and fatigued after a workout


-Gatorade (has lots of sugar) 
-Nuun tablets/fizzy electrolyte tabs in water (less sugar than Gatorade) 
-Coconut Water (all natural, less sugar) 
-Maple Water (?) (expensive, hard to find)

Gut Health/ Digestive Microbiome 
-helps in digestion
-contains minerals and vitamins
-has fewer additives and chemicals than more commercialized sports drinks


-Kombucha (can contain lots of sugar and can be alcoholic) 
-Vinegar with the Mother (acquired taste, mix with water, fights bad bacteria and diabetes, can breakdown tooth enamel) 

Protein and Fat 
-repairs muscles that are torn during exercise 
-replenishes long term energy stores
-stay full longer and avoid hunger/poor food choices


-Smoothies (can have lots of natural sugar from fruit and yogurt, customizable and can be homemade)
-Chocolate Milk (has lots of sugar and isn’t suitable for those with Lactose Intolerance, Vegan etc)
-Mama Chia Drinks (Omega 3’s, natural, can be homemade)

Salt Stores
-replenishes salt needed for sweat production and saline in body?
-helps reduce cramping
-glycogen replenishment

-pickle juice (easy to obtain, acquired taste)

Next time you complete a workout try one of these drinks! Remember that recovery is just as important as the actual workout!!!! 


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