August Updates

Hi all! 

It has been awhile since we've given y'all an update here at CCF! August 1st is the halfway point in the summer growing season, which means a few things...

1. We have ONLY 6 days until our CCF Open House!! Hope to see you all there on August 12th Visit the link below for the time and location!

2. Summer is almost over! This is the very sad reality that we all must face as we are nearing the end of long hot days with trips to the lake. That being said, we strongly encourage everyone to participate in our Blog Survey (copy and paste link below) : 

And share holders can also participate in our Share Feedback Survey (copy and paste link below) :

By participating in either/both of these we are able to cater to your needs/wants in our future posts/shares!!

3. For Shareholders: 
As you have probably noticed in our shares the past two weeks, we are beginning to shift the produce  that we are distributing. For the first half of the summer we gave out various types of greens, but recently we have been giving out denser vegetables like beans, squash, cucs etc. This shift in distribution is simply based on the fact that these kinds of veggies require a slightly longer growing season with warmer mid summer temperatures. So, get ready for some tasty squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and more!! 

4. The Chickens! 
Who doesn't love the chickens?! We recently received a new chicken coop for our younger pullet hens! This coop is mounted on a wagon, which will allow us to move the coop to different grazing pastures throughout the season. This way the hens will always have access green grass! The hens will officially be making their move mid week. We predict that they will be laying more eggs very soon, which will mean that we have some tasty eggs for sale! Let us know if you're interested!! 


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