Post-workout recovery foods!

Sometimes we have really busy days jam packed with work, school, running errands, socializing, etc! And sometimes at the end or beginning of these days we want to blow off steam by working out. Maybe it's a strength circuit or maybe it's a hike. Maybe it's a short walk. However, if we choose to move, it's very important to follow up with the proper fuel!

I say "fuel" because our bodies are similar to cars in that in order to continue to move, we need to put in sustenance so that we don't crash and burn. For some people, this idea may be hard to grasp as working out may be a way to burn calories created from food, so why would you be putting more calories in after you complete a workout, right?

The reality is, if you want to see results in your body, and reap the benefits of the hard work you just put into your sweat session, then it's important to help your muscles recover. It's important to refuel with protein to rebuild your torn muscles (this happens during exercise) as well as carbohydrates which replenish your glycogen stores (sugar/short term energy stores). Doing this will help you have more energy,  prepare you for your next workout, help with muscle soreness, and also help to build muscle.

So now you may be wondering: what is the best thing to consume after working out? Well I'm so glad you asked... Here are some ideas (ps - for best results consume these foods 20-30 minutes after completing a workout):

1. Greek Yogurt/Cottage Cheese with fruit

2. A Smoothie (check out our Beet Smoothie recipe for this!)

3. Nut Butter and Banana/Apple

4. Eggs, sautéed kale and tomatoes

5. Quinoa and meat/fish

The list goes on and on! Don't be afraid to experiment with any of these as eating the same things everyday can be boring after awhile.

Here at CCF we want our readers to understand that food is not something to be feared. For us, the fear within the food industry comes from where our food is sourced. However, growing all of our produce organically allows us to be confident in the high nutritional value and its freshness. So remember, food is your friend!


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