What to plant in August?

With it being August, it’s now time to start shifting our focus to the upcoming fall. This means sowing new (quick growing) crops that can be harvested in late August and throughout the fall. If you are planning on planting some veggies soon, here are our plant seed recommendations:

Carrots (choose a carrot seed with a short growing season such as Napoli)
-Mustard Greens (quick producing and love cooler fall temperatures)
- Turnips (they will grow during any time of the season, but love cooler fall temperatures!)
-Okra (needs fertile soil)
-Lettuce (lettuce greens thrive in cooler temperatures such as the spring and fall)
- Kale (grows quickly and tastes better during cooler fall temps)
-Beans (Provider; quick growing variety)
-Beets (Red Ace or Early Wonder Wall Top variety; both varieties have a relatively short growing season)
-Brussel Sprouts 
-Cabbage (thrives in cooler weather)
-Cauliflower (again, thrives in cooler weather)

*We recommend using High Mowing Seeds as they are organic, reliable, and locally produced (we use them at CCF). 

Check out our recipe's for some of these vegetables under our "Recipe Book" tab. Happy planting! 


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