How to get your kids to eat their Greens!

Why do kids hate veggies? 

Well, there are multiple reason for this issue that many parents must deal with on a daily basis. One reason is that kids have more taste buds than adults, meaning they're more sensitive to certain flavors. Veggies to kids may taste bitter or very different than anything else that they've eaten.

This raises another point. Today many kids are raised by being fed processed foods that are filled with salt, sugar and chemicals! They become comfortable with these more familiar foods, so it is difficult for them to make the switch to more natural foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Another reason for kids hatred towards veggies would be the advertising and media that they are exposed to during their younger years. Most kids believe that eating vegetables is seen as being "gross" or "uncool" as they are often exposed to commercials for foods such as McDonalds, fast food chains, candies, and more.  There is even a lot of children's literature which puts an emphasis on "taste" as opposed to what is really healthy... (ex - fried foods, greasy foods rather than vegetables...). These characters that do not enjoy eating their vegetables may be depicted this way so they are more relatable to the average young reader. This in turn can reinforce kids dislike for vegetables.

So now, you may be asking: why should kids or adults be so invested into eating greens everyday??

-Collard Greens 

The most nutrient and vitamin rich greens are often the darkest in color, such as Kale, Chard, and Hot Shot Mix/Mustard Greens. However, this shouldn't deter you from munchin' on lighter greens too as they contain important vitamins and minerals as well!

List of nutrients found in greens:

-Folate (prevents birth defects, helps with depression and boosts nerve help)
-Vitamin K (bone health)
-Cardiovascular Health 
-Fiber (good for digestive system) 
-Few Calories (filling) 
-Lower risk of cancer 
-Vitamin A (tissues and organs) 
-Vitamin C (collagen)
-Iron (energy levels etc)

What to do with greens:  
-Smoothie addition (you typically won't taste this) 
-Sautéed with bacon (yum!) 
-Add them to eggs 
-With pasta 
-In sandwiches and wraps
-Pureed spread for pizza and calzones (mixed with pesto)
-In sweet breads 
-Baked as chips (Kale Chips)
-In a quesadilla 

The list goes on and on...

Try these combos and more to increase the number of greens that you're consuming daily!! These combinations can actually make the vegetables taste really good!  Remember to make sure that your greens are organic and washed well before consuming. Enjoy!



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