Fall 2019 CCF Newsletter

Hi All!

As it is now mid-September, fall is rapidly approaching. This means new produce, crunchy leaves, and planning ahead for the winter months. We really hope that everyone enjoyed their hot and humid summers and gets to relish in the cooler fall weather that is upon us!

Spread of carrots at our week 13 distribution

Unfortunately, September is our last full month of weekly CSA distributions. If all goes by plan, the last share distribution will occur the first week of October.  This would put us at our seasonal goal of running 18 weeks with the CSA program. Don't worry, we will be back next year!

Pumpkins ripening in our greenhouse

On another note, as we continue with the CSA distributions and deliveries, we're working to "shut down" the gardens for the off season. This means pulling and composting old plants and planting cover crops in the outdoor gardens. This is important as it rejuvenates our fields and gets them ready for their next growing season. To add to this, we are asking our shareholders to bring us your composted food scraps! We would love to add this waste to our gardens to help them grow strong and healthy again.  Check out one of our latest blog posts titled. "Wait, Save the Scraps!"

Compost, Compost!

In other news, in mid-September we will be receiving a batch of 50 chicks.  After several seasons of raising mostly commercialized hybrid hens, we will be raising three different breeds of Heritage chickens; Rhode Island Reds, Leghorns, and Domiqiues.  Heritage chickens are very adaptable to harsher climates, are excellent foragers, and have a greater longevity than the hybridized chickens.  Come the new year (2020), these birds will be young pullets and should be providing us with a large number of eggs for the next couple years!

Cornish Cross Meat Chicks

Additionally, we have a second batch of meat birds (Cornish Cross chickens) that should hit market weight around the end of October.  If interested in a meat chicken, let us know ASAP! Just send an email to paul@cobblecreek.farm

With the share season winding down comes a lot of planning for next season. We are beginning to put together our annual October seed order for next year.  Thanks to those who filled out our CSA share survey, we have some new ideas for plants to try out next season, in addition to all of our tied and true produce.  If you have any other varieties or requests for different veggies next year, please let us know @ paul@cobblecreek.farm

We are also planning a new greenhouse option for next season to continue the expansion of our vegetable production. This new greenhouse will allow us to start growing crops earlier in the spring and allow us to grow more total crops during the summer growing season.  

Some tomatoes ripening in one of our greenhouses earlier this summer

Anyways, that is all for now. Wishing everyone good health and a happy September!



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