Wait! Save the Scraps!

Remember our blog posts from awhile back about food waste and composting? This post will reintroduce these concepts and will entertain the idea of how CCF wants to take action to handle the food waste issue by involving shareholders in our composting system on the farm. If you haven’t read the two posts sited above make sure to check them out on our blog! :)

Given the tremendous amount of produce and plant matter that comes from our gardens here at CCF, we are proud composters! We recycle this organic waste and use it in sustainably fertilizing our soil every growing season. This year we are hoping to increase the volume of compost that we possess.

Every vegetable comes from soil that's been amended with compost

To tackle this goal, we are encouraging our shareholders to give us their compost. This means that we want your banana peels, tomato stems, rotten carrots, apple cores, you name it! Make sure the bulk produce that you’re giving us isn’t attached to any non-organic material (i.e. plastic, paper, styrofoam etc.) or meat products.

One of the compost piles here at CCF

In addition to old veggie parts, we also want your egg shells! Save your egg shells after you enjoy your morning omelette. If you rinse out the shells, let them dry, and mash them up in a plastic bag then we can easily add them to our plants that enjoy extra bursts of Calcium, like our tomato plants! This allows us to grow better, healthier fruits without having to purchase expensive organic fertilizers.

Rinsed, dried, and crushed eggshells ready to be mixed into the soil!
Many thanks in advance for helping CCF become more environmentally sustainable! All of our shareholders mean so much to us and the farm.



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