Quick, easy ways to enjoy Onions!

As our shareholders know, we’ve been loading up on the Onions in our weekly shares. As we are all very busy people, it can be difficult to use all of the produce we distribute before it goes bad. However, adding Onions into your diet is a lot easier than you may think! Here are a few ways to get on your Onion game:

1. Sautee Sautee Sautee!

Sauteed Onions are the tastiest snack ever. Just add Oil, salt and chopped Onions into a pan and mix it all up! These Onion bits are sweet and salty and can be added to Pizzas, Salad, Pasta Sauce, Stir Frys.. You name it!

2. On the Grill

Onions are also be cooked on the grill next to your weekly Angus Burger. Just cut them vertically and lay them on a spot of the grill that will prevent them from slipping through the grills. YuM!

3. With eggs

Add chopped onions into your morning omelette or scrambled eggs to add some sweet spice.

4. Onion Rings

Want a greasy, homemade snack? Try coating slices of onion in egg and breadcrumb and frying them up in a buttery, hot pan! This is a great alternative to buying Fast Food at McDonalds, Burger King etc. because you know all of the ingredients that are going into your meal.

5. Salsa

Love chips and salsa? We sure do! You can find many salsa recipes online that use Onions. Try one out when you get a chance!

6. Pickled

Try your hand at pickling and fermentation! It may be challenging and take time, but we promise the end product will be super tasty!

Stacked onions inside the greenhouse undergoing the first part of the curing process


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