10 normal objects in your home that can be transformed into Growing Tools!

What would you say if we told you that you actually don't need to spend money on growing and gardening supplies!?

Hopefully this post will convince you that gardening doesn't have to be expensive and break your bank account! By using common objects found around your house, you can easily start growing your own vegetables while refraining from spending money and consuming other goods. Here's a list of 10 normal objects that can be transformed into tools for growing and gardening!

1. Empty plastic salad/green containers

   Use: Containers can be used for planting herbs and other seeds such as tomatoes and onions.  Be sure to puncture holes in the bottom of containers for moisture drainage.  We reuse a lot of these containers for this purpose here at CCF!

2. Plastic Water bottles

  Use: Plastic water bottles make for great watering containers, especially for young seedlings that don't require lots of water!

3. Cut up business cards/index cards.

  Use: Can be used as label inserts for your newly planted seedlings

4. Scrap pieces of wood

  Use: Make great labels for your garden rows

5. Scrap yarn/old twine

 Use: Tying tomato plants and/or supporting other plants

6. Scissors

Use: Pruning and snipping off "bad" parts of plants

7. Large plastic pails or storage bins

Use: Soil containment / storage / transport and for moving garden produce or waste

8. Red Solo Cups/Paper cups

Use: Make excellent pots for veggie transplants such as tomatoes, peppers, and herbs! Be sure to puncture holes in the bottom for water drainage.

9. Crushed Egg Shells

Use: Adds calcium to the soil (necessary nutrient especially for tomato and pepper plants)

10. Paper Clips

Use: Holding already opened seed packets shut

Thats a wrap! Let us know if you have any questions or other idea's about how to save money on gardening supplies. Until then, happy growing and happy farming! :)


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