A day at the Farm..

When most people think of farming they see a barn, a few animals, and a farmer on a tractor plowing a field. While this may be the common stereotype for agriculture in the Northeast, there are so many other complex parts that dictate the success of a farm.  It is a balancing act in being able to schedule, plan out, and execute the many different different task that make up the entire farm operation.  A typical day in the farm life can look anything like this..

6 am

-wake up and make breakfast (lots of coffee) 

-plan out the work needed to be done on the farm throughout the day

7 am 

-feed animals and animal care (pigs and chickens for CCF) 

-spot water plants in greenhouses and/or seedlings under grow lights 

8 - 12 pm

-anything from: shoveling manure, transplanting seedlings, tilling garden fields, planting new seeds, cleaning farming tools, collecting eggs, organizing greenhouse plants, watering and fertilizing fields, weeding fields and/or picking veggies for distribution, and the list goes on! 

12 pm 

-eat lunch, take a break 

-plan afternoon 

1 pm 

-clean and package veggies for distribution

-organize large fridge that holds the harvested and washed veggies 

2 - 5 pm 

-more work in gardens, secondary watering of plants. 

-feed animals/animal care

- distribute vegetables (if distribution or delivery day...)

6 pm 

-dinner time! 

-time to relax before early bed time 

-checking farm social media (blog, Facebook, Instagram and email) 

9 pm 

-bed time and get ready to do it all again tomorrow! And then the next day!! And the day after that!!!

What these tasks are truly composed of..

While "weeding," "feeding the animals" and "distributing vegetables" probably sounds incredibly boring and mundane.

It is.

But within this mundanity you find satisfying moments that others who don't farm might not understand. These special moments come at random times. They range from anything like harvesting the most perfectly round tomato to seeing a shareholder excited about their share. Farming teaches us to find satisfaction and happiness in the smallest things, no matter how insignificant.

This found happiness gives us contentment in our work, regardless of how much credit others give to farmers. Sometimes farming lets us take a step back and see the beauty in the soil, the stench, and the hard labor of the day.

So the next time you begin a boring chore or something you've been putting off: be like a farmer. Find the joy in the places of the task where you can find it. Enjoy the hard work and it will pay off. Happy farming :)


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