What to do with Leftovers

Hello Farm Friends! If you've read any of our previous blog posts, you might have noticed we are all about reusing and limiting waste.  Even when it comes to food!

Leftovers can either be the best surprise or become a 7th grade science fair project in your fridge. Often, the leftovers that are more "random" and can't be stand-alone meals are the ones that eventually grow moldy and stink. Hopefully this post encourages you to embrace these obscure foods and inspires you to pursue more adventurous and cost effective recipes with them!

Here is a list of common leftovers.... 

1. Pasta 

Recipe ideas: Pasta salad, Soup

2. Old bread 

Recipe ideas: French Toast, Bread Pudding, Bread Crumbs

3. Tortilla's

Recipe ideas: Breakfast Quesadilla's, Tortilla Chips, Taco salad

4. Pizza 

Recipe ideas: Pizza Bites, Breakfast pizza (add a fried egg on top!) 

5. Veggies 

Recipe ideas: Stir Fry, Salad, Vegetable Ragu

6. Frozen Fruit

Recipe ideas: Smoothie, "Nice Cream," Pie filling

7. Rice 

Recipe Idea's: Sushi roll, Rice Pudding, Fried Rice, Stir Fry 

So now you may be wondering why it's so important to use up leftovers, right?

Well first of all, its cost effective. Instead of throwing leftovers away and buying new food you can simply eat the food that you already have and, in turn save money.

Secondly, consuming all of the food that you buy will help reduce your personal food waste. This small change benefits the larger world. While some parts of the globe are suffering from an excessive amount of food waste, there are other parts of the world where food scarcity is leading to fatality. While eating everything that is in your fridge won't solve this issue, it starts to address this problem. If you're interested in the topic of food waste, you should check out one of our previous posts titled: "How to Reduce Food Waste."


Try out these leftover recreations and let us know if you discover your own repurposing of these staple leftovers! Until then, good eats!! :)


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