10 Ways to get your Greens in every day!

Ever get sick and tired of eating only salad? It's hard not to! While salad is often very healthy, you can get your greens in other ways. Try these options out...

1. Kale Smoothie - mix these greens into your favorite smoothie for some added nutrients!

2. Prosciutto Arugula Pizza- mmmmm

3. Sautéed Kale - another convenient way to use up this veggie

4. Vegetable Soup - it tastes great, even during the summer!

5. Lettuce Wraps - use large lettuce greens such as romaine to wrap up sliced meat, cheese, hummus, etc...  They make great "summer" lunches and snacks.

6. Kale Chips - bake your kale greens with sea salt to your desired crispiness.

7. Green Juice - no wrong way here!

8. Pesto - so good!

9. Sprouts in Ramen Noodles

10. Kimchi

11. Stir Fry - the darker and more "thick" greens such as kale and chard make great additions to a stir fry meal

12. Roasted veggies - greens make a great addition to your roasted veggies!

Its extremely easy to find online recipes for these green foodie idea’s! Go explore the wide wide Internet!  If you have a personal favorite for how you like to use your greens, we would love to hear it!

Happy Eating!



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