CCF Mid-Summer Newsletter

Hi All!                                                                                                                             

Late July has arrived and so has the heat!

So far July has been kind to the gardens. With the warmer temperatures and increased sunshine, the heat seeking vegetables including beans, squash, and tomatoes have kicked into high gear. Most of our tomatoes are being grown in our new greenhouse and are already 7 ft. tall. We are just beginning to harvest some red tomatoes, and will be expecting a steady harvest through the end of September.

Valentine Grape tomatoes and Edox F1 Cherry 

All of that being said, we are beginning to make the transition from mostly “green” vegetables in our CSA distributions to more of the “mid-summer” vegetables. Expect to find carrots, beets, tomatoes, beans, basil, and summer squash in the upcoming weekly distributions. However, don’t fret you will still be receiving the CCF staple produce such as kale, arugula, and lettuce heads!

As of three weeks ago, we have a NEW flock of Cornish Cross “Meat Birds.” We haven’t raised this kind of chicken in two whole years. Cornish Cross Chickens are specifically bred for meat and only take six to eight weeks until they hit market weight. We have 21 of these birds and plan on selling all of them. If you’re interested, please contact us! Each bird will come professionally shrink wrapped. We expect the birds to hit market weight in early August.

Shareholders! This upcoming week, be on the lookout for our first “Guess the Pig’s Weight” contest of the season!! For new shareholders, this means that when you arrive at the farm to pick up your CSA share you have the option of “guessing the weight” of one of our hogs. Just wander over to the Pig Palace, get a good look at the hog, then write down your best pig weight guess, then drop your ballot in the ballot box in the garage. Make sure your name is on the guessing sheet!

For Queensbury shareholders: we will leave you a nice photo of the hog inside your share cooler. Just give it a guess and leave your sheet inside the cooler for when we pick it up the following week. The two shareholders who come closest to guessing the pigs real weight win a free canned good that will be included in the following week’s share!

Open House: August 11th 11 am to 4 pm! Come out to the farm and bring your family and friends for our 2nd Annual CCF Open House. We will be hosting an afternoon including a Garden Tour, Animal viewing and a communal potluck. Talk it up to everyone you know!

Other farm news: The Pigs are growing quickly. We still have 2 pigs that haven’t been sold. Let us know if you’re interested! Additionally, we are currently building a chicken coop inside the barn to overwinter the chickens. This gives us easier accessibility to the birds during the snowy winter months. Our two chicken tractors (portable chicken coops) will have time to “rest” and will be used again next spring and summer.

New chicken coop in the works!
As many of you know we have an ongoing farm blog. Its called Cobble Creek Farm Blog. We post recipes, event reminders, opinion pieces and we write about anything else that fits into our philosophy here at CCF.

While we are currently more focused on our immediate goals for the rest of the summer, we are also starting to plan for next year. The Fall will allow us to refocus our energy on next year’s plans: Tentative plans include a new greenhouse for the 2020 season, overwintering a sow and breeding piglets right here at CCF, and also increasing our garden space to include a “U-Pick” garden for our CSA shareholder program. The best part about farming is having visions for the future and working hard to make those visions become a reality.

Happy Reading!

Happy Summer.

Love, CCF


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