Rainbow Salad

This recipe is perfect for those extra veggies, grains, and sauces you have leftover from dinner. You can literally put anything in a Mason Jar and shake it up to your desired mixture!

This is what I used..


-1/2 Cup Quinoa (leftover)
     OR: Brown rice or Farro

-1/4 Cup Corn
     OR: Bell Peppers, Onions or Scallions

-1/3 Cup Roasted Veggies (leftover)
     OR: Roasted sweet potatoes or Russet Potatoes

-1/2 Cup Spinach
     OR: Arugula, Kale or Sprouts

-Handful of chopped tomatoes

-1/3 Cup salsa
     OR: Salad dressing or Olive Oil + Vinegar

-Sriracha (optional)


1. Gather all of your desired ingredients for your rainbow salad.

2. Put salsa and/or salad dressing in a separate air-tight container.

3. Layer ingredients in jar (like a rainbow).

4. When ready to eat shake up the jar and add in the dressing and/or salsa. Tasty tasty!


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