Best Mountain Hikes in Upstate New York

Whether you’re a mountain runner, hiker, walker, or just want to try something new this summer these are the 6 hikes you must try if you’re looking for a challenge and impressive views. :) No particular order...

Cascade Mountain

Length: 4.8 miles

Draw: The easiest high peak in the Adirondack High Peaks region. Only a few miles one way.

Downside: A busy trail since it's so accessible from the main road to Lake Placid and the ADK High Peaks.

Trail directions and more information:

Hadley Mountain

Length: 3.4 miles

Draw: Fire tower at the summit with spectacular views. Accessible and easy winter hike with snowshoes.

Downside: Hard to find the parking lot for the trailhead. You have to drive for awhileeee! Also this trail can be buggy.

Trail directions and more information:

Sleeping Beauty

Length: 5-7.5 miles

Draw: Beautiful views of Lake George. Close to Lake George village (aka you can get ice cream right after you finish!)

Downside: Trail markers aren’t obvious, so bring a map and pay attention!

Trail directions and more information:

Mount Skylight

Length: 17 miles

Draw: “Skylight” views of the high peaks on bald, rocky summit. Very sunny and pleasant stroll to get to.

Downside: A long day hike, but you can split it up by backpacking to a campsite closer to the base of the mountain.

Trail directions and more information:

Mount Marcy

Length: 14.8 miles and 3,166 feet elevation gain

Draw: The biggest mountain in New York state! Very doable as a long day hike (you’ll see all types of people on this one).

Downside: Trail can be busy with tourists and lots of inexperienced hikers. Also, be careful to refrain from stepping on alpine plants on the summit.

Trail directions and more information:

Pick your poison, but all of these hikes will leave you tired, but satisfied at the end of the day!

The Chester Challenge

Length: varies depending on the hike, but all are short.

Draw: If you are looking for a more local and "quick" hike, look no further than the Town of Chester.  The "Chester Challenge" consists of 8 different hikes, all in the township of Chester.  Most of these hikes are very quick and offer some great views of the southern Adirondacks including Gore Mountain and Loon Lake.

Check it out!


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