CCF Fresh Omelette

Hey All!

Sorry the recipe posts haven’t been extremely regular recently. We’ll be back on that recipe grind very soon, don’t worry! :)

Today we have a tasty and totally customizable omelette for yah! Omelette’s are a great way to get in a serving of cheese, natural protein, a dose of calcium, and other vitamins and some cheesy cheesy fat. They pair well with CCF Fresh Salsa, Guacamole, Sriracha and any other favorite condiments that you may have.

CCF Fresh Omelette 
Serves 1 

What you need: 

-3 eggs (preferably CCF Fresh Eggies!) 
-1/4 Cup Water
-1/3 Cup Olive Oil
-Favorite veggies (1/4 Cup CCF onions, 1/4 cup chopped CCF Bell Peppers, 1/3 Cup CCF Kale, 1/4 Cup Mushrooms, 1/4 Cup CCF chopped Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomatoes. You can also throw in some sliced CCF garlic scapes)!!
-1/3 Cup Favorite Cheese (optional) 
-Toppings: maybe Sriracha, Hot Sauce, Sour Kraut, Salsa, Guac, More cheese  

What to do: 

1. Crack eggs in a bowl and whisk with water until mixture is light yellow in color. 
2. Coat pan in Olive Oil and turn on Medium heat. 
3. Add in egg water mixture and allow to cook until the edges solidify. 
4. Add in veggies and fold omelette in half. 
5. Allow to cook until the egg turns darker in color. Top with cheese.
6. Remove omelette from stove top and gently place on a plate.
7. Allow to cool and add desired toppings, yummmmm!

What's your favorite kind of omelette???  Let us know because we want to hear it!


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