How to get more out of your food!

Believe it or not, you can harvest and/or use your food in many different ways, besides just for eating! Here are several ideas for what you can do with your food scrapes, which in turn will help eliminate food waste!

1. Egg Shells!

-Crunch up egg shells and sprinkle them in the soil before planting tomatoes and peppers.  Eggshells contain lots of calcium, a nutrient needed by tomatoes and peppers.  Eggshells can also act as a repellent against garden pests such as grubs and cutworms.

2. Old Produce

-Compost old vegetable and fruit waste and add to your garden soil intermittently over time.  This will revamp your soil giving it the nutrients your plants need to thrive!

3. Young lettuce and/or spinach seedlings

-If you have a garden, thin Lettuce/Spinach Sprouts in your garden.  Thinning the plants helps to eliminate competition, thus allowing the remaining seedlings to grow bigger!  Use the lettuce sprouts/seedlings by adding them to a stir fry, salad or use as a garnish.

4. Citrus Rind

-Grate rind of citrus fruit as a zesty garnish!

5. Carrot Greens

-Make pesto or Carrot sauce!

6. Limp Vegetable Greens

 - Wilted greens can often be revived by washing in cold water, then resealed in a plastic bag or tupperware in the fridge.  They can also be thrown in any kind of soup or smoothie!

7. Meat Bones

- Tuck em' away in the freezer and use them for meat stock later!

8. Potato Skins

- Throw em' in the oven at 390 degrees with your favorite seasoning.  You've got some home made chips!

9. Apple Peelings

- Add to a cup of hot water to make some tea!

10. Coffee Grounds

- Like us, you probably love coffee.  And plants love leftover coffee grounds. Just mix them into the soil or your potting mix when planting.  Coffee grounds contain high levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium, all valuable nutrients for any veggie to grow.

Reuse when you can!


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